This ‘Share Table’ Trend Needs to Catch on in Every School Across North America

Every year, children in America contribute to the millions of pounds of food waste every year.

When children bring their lunch to school, they often throw away perfectly good food they don’t want just to save the hassle of bringing it back home.

Schools all across North America are starting to realize the amount of food wasted at schools and are putting in action to minimize the waste.

In several schools across America, they are beginning to follow a new trend who some call it the “share table”.

Put simply, students drop off any unopened food or drinks they don’t want at the ‘share table’ for other students who may see something they might like.

The food is then gathered at the end of the day and the leftover food is then donated to nearby food bank or charity.

“Students that are maybe less fortunate than others, don’t have a lunch or a snack at school lunch, they can come up and take fruit or we’ve seen things like chips and yogurt come off the tables,” said eighth-grader Nick Iannone to Wbur, who started a share table at his school, James H. Moran Middle School in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Since the table is open to all students, there is no stigma behind it that victimizes students in need. Whether they are desperately in need of food or just want a quick snack to power throughout the day, they are able to do so from the efforts of their fellow classmates.

“I haven’t seen any problems with it. Most kids usually just stay within their friend group and talk amongst themselves. No one really cares what happens, what goes on around the food table” says Nick.

Hopefully, more and more schools will begin to adopt this new trend and our food waste as a country can be reduced to a minimal.


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