When a military woman recently sat down at at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, WA, she ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona. Her server Brian Avey told her that she was only allowed to order one beer at a time because of state law, but then she replied that the Corona wasn’t for her. It was for her brother, a soldier who died in Iraq.
The beer just sat there at an empty seat next to her during the entire lunch. When Brian brought the bill, he told her that her brother’s beer was on the house.
This is what she wrote on her credit card slip: “Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day.” – Grateful Soldiers
After she left, he didn’t have the heart to throw the beer away. He wanted to honor the fallen soldier. So he put it on top of the cooler next to the American Flag and told his boss who replied: “That’s fine, just do me a favor and put a fresh lime on it Every Morning”.
Sometimes the smallest gestures speak the loudest!