ShooAway Fly Repellant: Keep Flies Away Chemical-Free

Do you hate when flies harass you and land all over your food? The ShooAway fly repellant is perfect for you! It’s designed to get rid of flies from your backyard or picnic without any chemicals.


It has soft, flexible blades that rotate with an energy-efficient motor, and they stop if they come in contact with something that stops them—like food or a hand. It also doesn’t hurt the flies!


ShooAway doesn’t use any chemicals to remove flies, making it safe to use around flies, drinks, and children! Each of the blades have patented holographmatic discs—this is the secret to keeping flies away from your food and family.


It’s a battery-operated device—no cords are required to run it! Use one unit for smaller areas, and two or more for larger areas, like a dinner table. It can clear flies in a roughly 2-3 foot radius.


Because it’s battery-operated, it can be used in the shade or sun without any problems! It’s an eco-friendly solution to keep flies away from your food worry-free.


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ShooAway Fly Repellant