Silo Food Vacuum Containers: Have Fresher Food Instantly!

Is your food always going bad in your containers? The Silo Food Vacuum Containers are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep your food five times fresher than traditional containers.


It works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa—the system combines a one-touch vacuum system with an innovative technological infrastructure. Keep your food fresher for longer, saving you money and saving your produce.


Using it is simple: place the full container on the base unit, tell Alexa what’s inside, and the Silo unit will tag and track the contents for you. No stress and no extra work—Alexa and Silo work together and do it for you!


Silo takes out the oxygen and keeps the freshness in—your food will last for longer and you’ll waste less food. It now has maximum shelf life, and the containers will not clog. Plus, you can store anything in them!


If you’re always throwing out your food, you need this storage system!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Silo Food Vacuum Containers