Sofia Lorena is a single mom. Like many people, she occasionally plays scratch-off lottery tickets. One day, despite the odds, she struck it big and walked away with $200 from a single ticket. That’s typically not a life changing amount of money, but for Sofia, it was about to be.
As she was leaving the store where she cashed her ticket, she met Glenn – a homeless man who was stranded out in the cold with nowhere to go. Sofia knew that temperatures were about to drop immensely, so she did the only thing she could think of – she used her lottery money to put Glenn up in a motel for three nights.


After hearing what she did, her friends chipped in and began bringing Glenn food and warm clothing. On top of that, Sofia started an online fundraiser for Glenn which, miraculously, earned upwards of $20,000 in just two days! Now Glenn has a second chance at life and Sofia has a brand new friend.

It seems that lottery ticket was lucky for the pair of them.