Six Sailors Save Exhausted Puppy Lost at Sea After She Goes Overboard Off Ferry

Six sailors of the RYCC Savoia club got a shocking experience one morning when they were sailing off the coast of Italy.

Just moments into their trip, they made a startling discovery spotting a puppy all alone in the middle of the ocean, a mile away from shore!

They had no idea how the puppy was lost at sea, but it was obvious to tell that if they didn’t do anything, the puppy would drown as she was visibly exhausted and her legs were paralyzed from the cold water.

In the dramatic video below, the crew manages to move the boat close enough to the puppy for one of its members to quickly pull her out of the water.

As soon as they got her out of the water, they held her closely to their bodies for warmth and called for a rescue boat to bring her back to shore.

Everything was fine with a sweet ending, but everyone was still puzzled on how the puppy got lost at sea in the first place.

That’s when they found out later that earlier in the morning a dog named Noodle reportedly fallen off overboard a ferry ride from Naples to Ischia.

Noodle’s owner, Mario Di Meglio, says he was bringing Noodle back home when she slipped out of her leash and fell overboard. When he tried to alert the ferry crew to help him rescue Noodle, the crew refused to stop the ferry and told him that his puppy has likely already drowned.

Luckily for Mario, the crew from RYCC Savoia found Noodle 30 minutes later. The puppy has now been reunited with Mario and is doing well.

What amazing timing from the crew!


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