Skizee: Motorized Engine Lets You Ski Uphill and Off-Road

Are you an adrenaline junkie or an avid skier? If you said yes to either of these two options, this cool gadget is perfect for you.

It’s called the Skizee. The Skizee is a motor / engine that you can hold while you ski to give you extra power going uphill or off-road.

Whether you’re looking for a faster way up the hill, or more power to land a sweet jump, the Skizee can conquer it all.

Skizee 1

Skizee 2

Using the motor, you can cruise at a steady 5 km per hour. If you’re a daredevil, you can speed up to a whopping 40 km per hour! But don’t worry, it’s still safe. An emergency stop tether cord will shut down the machine should you fall.

Adjustable handle and suspension allows it to accommodate any type of rider. All you need is warm clothing, boots, skis, a helmet, and you’re ready to go!

Skizee 3

The great thing about the motor is that it can be folded for easy transportation, you can even throw it in the trunk of of your car!

Skizee 4

Whether you’re a skier looking for a new level up, or someone who’s looking to travel more freely like over a dense bush or frozen lake, the Skizee can be used by all!

Skizee 5

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Watch the demo down below!


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