SkyFloat Chair: The Ultimate Portable Hanging Chair

Do you love lounging outdoors in nice weather, you’ll love the SkyFloat Chair! It’s designed to be a full-size, portable hanging chair you can take with you anywhere.


It’s foldable and lightweight, yet it’s durable to withstand any weather or activity! It weighs only 900 grams when folded, and it can fit in any pack—the small size makes it extremely travel-friendly.


It sets up in seconds, with no knots or repetitive assembly! The chair is large and comfortable, giving you the ultimate relaxation station anywhere you are. Because the components are permanently joined, you won’t ever lose the parts.


The chair has tree-friendly fastenings with wide straps, making it secure! It’s always with you, and can be set up indoors or outdoors. Use it in the woods or in your backyard, or you can set it up in your home or office.


The best part? The nylon fabric won’t get sticky when you get sweaty!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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SkyFloat Chair
Available in two colors