SL Eisblock: Use Only One Ice Block to Cool a Whole Case of Beer

Perfect for chilling a whole case of beer instantly, this ice mold create an ice block large enough tp cool24 bottles at the same time!


The SL Eisblock is a German designed ice mold that creates an ice block that can be placed directly over the case of beer and cool the bottles up to 10 degrees in 30 minutes.


Simply fill the mold with water up to the fill line and place in the freezer until it is fully frozen.


Once frozen, carefully take the ice block out of the mold and place it directly over the bottles to start cooling.


As a result, in the short span of time, the ice block will be in direct contact with the neck of the bottle, cooling the drinks, and while the block melts, the cool water will run down the bottle thereby increasing the cooling process.


Once the 30 minutes is up, you can easily start enjoying bottles by lifting one of the middle bottles that will lift up the entire ice block.


The mold comes in two different sizes that can fit either a case of 20, one-liter bottles or 24 standard beer bottles.


Refrigerate your beer 24 bottles at a time and make the SL Eisblock the star of your next party!

Available Amazon or on their website.

Watch the demo video down below!


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SL Eisblock Ice Block Mold
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