Sleep Under The Stars While Being Protected From The Elements

I love camping (or maybe ‘glamping’ is a more appropriate term). The saddest part of the day is going back into your tent and not being able to see the starry sky.

Some tents have mesh on the top, but it lets the rain in.

The Oasis Bubble Tent gives you an uninhibited 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Unlike other bubble tents, this one actually has blinds to preserve your privacy a little bit.

It’s wind resistant and snow proof. The canopy covering is water proof and the vents have anti-mosquito netting in them.

The frame is built from marine-grade wood and the transparent walls are UV resistant.

Recommended usage is in temperatures between 53F and 82F, any colder or hotter and you’ll need extra insulation.

Two models are available, one 2 person and one 4 person.

Prices range between $5,000 to $6,500 on their website.


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