When it comes to spaghetti, there is really nothing you can make with it that isn’t tasty and there’s almost nothing that exists that can’t be made tastier by some pasta added into the mix. These days however, more and more people (out of necessity or interest) are going gluten-free. This can be a problem for those that always loved a good bowl of spaghetti.

Fear not however, since there exists an equally delicious substitute. Using a large spaghetti squash (yes, that’s a thing that exists), a slow cooker, and some water, these health-conscious cooks bring to us an incredibly easy and healthy way to have our spaghetti while being gluten-free. It kind of makes you want to ask ‘what were we doing in caves all that time ago instead of inventing this sooner?’ We suppose cavemen didn’t have slow-cookers and for that they have our sympathy.