Smithfly Shoal Tent: Make the World Your Water Bed

Perfect for those who want to feel like they’re on a water bed but don’t have the room for one, this tent floats on water.

The Shoal Tent by SmithFly is a tent that has an inflatable mattress built into the bottom letting you take your camping experience wherever your heart desires.

The tent has no poles and is fully inflatable, allowing it to be sturdy against high winds but also light enough to float on water.

The raft body has three air chambers with the floor being made with a durable 6″ thick drop-stitched material to withstand most unforeseen punctures and bumps in the water.

The tent fabric is heavy duty and sealed with heavy duty #8 zippers, letting you have a piece of mind while inside.

It is not recommended to be used out in the open at night but rather tied to a dock or anchor for security reasons.

Weighing around 50 pounds, the tent rolls down into a burrito roll style form for easy transportation and storage.

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SmithFly Shoal Tent