Smittens: Hold Hands in the Same Glove

Perfect for those couples who want to hold each other’s hand but also keep their hands warm, this mitt was designed to be shared by two people.

The Smittens are a handholding mitt for friends and lovers that is perfect for the upcoming valentine’s day.

Staying warm while also holding each other’s hand’s, the Smittens will let you stay cozy while taking your daily walks or watching a chilly football game.

Made from 100% Polartec polar fleece, the mitt is machine washable ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

The Smittens come in an assortment of sizes ranging from toddler to medium to large to be able to fit everyone you love.

Stay warm and hold hands with the Smittens for a romantic and comfortable evening.

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Smittens Hand Holding Mittens
Red and Black Available