Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel: Keep Your Driveway Clear All Winter Long

Do you hate shovelling a foot of snow from your driveway? The Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel is perfect for you! It’s designed to take all the hard work out of shovelling snow.


It’s the ideal tool for quick and easy snow removal—it’s a powered device that combines innovation with functionality to get rid of all your heavy snow without breaking your back. Plus, it’s cord-free!


It’s powered by EcoSharp Battery Technology—it has a 40-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery system. The shovel can deliver over 50 minutes of quiet runtime, and it has zero carbon emissions for a more eco-friendly gadget.


It has a 500 W brushless motor that will increase the battery’s efficiency while brushing through 300 pounds of snow per minute! The brushless system produces less vibration and noise, and it extends the life of your motor.


If you hate shovelling, you need this gadget!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel