Snowfeet: Feel Like You’re Skating While Skiing

Perfect for those who want a new way of gliding down the slopes, this gadget is a new take on the traditional skis.

The Snowfeet is a ski-like attachment that you strap to your feet and use to glide down the hill without any special shoes.

With any regular winter boots on, you can easily fasten the bindings to your feet and away you go! What’s even better is that Snowfeet can take you places that skis and snowboards wouldn’ fit, allowing for greater range of possible routes.

It is made out of a highly durable plastic to ensure safety and can be used with any sized shoe ranges from 6-12US.

It is more difficult to turn or stop with the Snowfeet which recommends it not to be used on steep slopes.

For a new way to shred down big hills with loads of fun, consider giving the Snowfeet a try!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Snowfeet – Mini Skis