Sometimes, it’s really hard not to hate some aspects of humanity. Thankfully, we are reminded every so often that there is good, humility, and generosity in this world. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen to be with the majority of the people in this recorded social experiment that involves a suit with money taped to it.

Walking around with cash taped to his blazer, Youtuber Coby Persin walks around the streets of New York City holding up a sign that reads “take what you need”. The vast majority of the people who take money are wealthy and driven only by the thought of free money.

Meanwhile, a man down on hard times says he only needs a few dollars for food, and then he encourages Coby to give the rest to others who need it. Impressed, Coby rewards him and his dog with something fantastic. Just goes to show you that sometimes the richest are the poorest of spirit, and the financially poor are rich in humility and generosity.