Solar Breeze: Clean Your Pool of Debris Using The Power of The Sun

Do you hate cleaning your pool and wish someone else could do it for you? The Solar Breeze pool-cleaning robot is perfect for you! It’s designed to clean your pool effectively without any hard work on your end.


It removes 90-95% of surface debris from your pool, while also reducing the amount of dust, debris, and pollen that accumulates on your pool. It knows how to navigate your pool, getting out of any sticky spot without your assistance!


While it’s powered using the sun, it also operates for several hours after sundown using a quiet, high efficiency motor with a 30,000 hour lifespan. The energy is stored while the sun is out, preserving it for later use.


It can filter your water and evenly disperse chlorine over the pool, sanitizing it without any work on your end! The dispenser tray can accommodate two 3″ cleaning tablets, and the collection tray is twice the size of a traditional waste basket.


To clean it out, simply open the tray and empty it—it’s mess free!


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Watch the demo down below!


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