Peppermint and lavender essential oils are natural sunburn soothers. Both oils are pain-relieving analgesics and have anti-inflammatory properties. A mixture of these pleasant smelling oils will take the sting out of your sunburn, promote healing, and take away the itch that comes from inflammation.

Create a mixture of equal parts lavender and peppermint oil and add water to it. Water helps the oils absorb into your skin quickly. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz on for instant cooling relief.

You can also add the oils to a lotion base specifically designed for essential oils. You can even add the oils to Aloe vera gel or Aloe vera juice.

It’s important to address your sunburn as quickly as possible, treating it often within the first 24 hours. Spray on the oil mixture liberally and as often as you need, whenever you start to feel the burn again. This will also help to prevent peeling.