Spiders Actually Have Tiny Paws, and It’s Really Freaky

Most people think spiders are gross and terrifying, but they actually have a feature we usually associate with cute, furry animals: paws!

Whenever people think of spider legs, they usually imagine a sharp point at the end, ready to do some damage. So it’s extra surprising to see them with adorable, furry paws similar to the ones you’d find on cats and dogs!

Heteroscodra maculata tarsal claw

A spider uses its paws as ears and nose to pick up subtle changes in its surroundings. Plus, they also have claws at the end.

Aphonopelma chalcodes tarsal claws

Check out some more examples of spider paws down below!

Tarantula (Selenocosmia sp.) - DSC_8252

Heteroscodra maculata tarsal claw

Heteroscodra maculata tarsal claw


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