Sprout Pencils: Use It, Plant It, and Watch It Grow into a Tomato Plant

Perfect for those who are unsure of what to do with their pencils after its too short, you can plant these pencils and watch it grow into a beautiful tomato plant!

Sprout graphite pencils are an eco-friendly wood pencil that contains seeds of herbs in the back of the pencil for when the pencil gets too short to use.


When pencils get smaller than the hand, they are often thrown out and the materials traditionally found can be harmful to the environment.


With the sprout pencils, you can repurpose the utensil after use and grow one of the 14 different non-GMO seeds that include herbs such as basil, flax and even thyme.


Sprout pencils come in nine different colors and seed types and are the perfect gift for all ages.

100% eco-friendly and lead-free, these pencils are made only from natural and biodegradable components and are perfectly safe for the environment.


To grow the plant from the pencil, simply plant the pencil at an angle not too deep into a damp soil pot, place the pot in natural light and water it regularly to see your plant grow in just as little as one to four weeks.


Start growing your very own fragrant herbs and vegetables with a pack of the Sprout pencils!

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Watch the demo video down below!


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