Sriracha2Go: The Sriracha Bottle That Fits on Your Keychain

Never worry about a Sriracha-less meal again! These mini bottles are a must for all Sriracha lovers.

The combo packs includes a 1oz mini bottle that fits on your key ring so that you’re always prepared for those meals requiring Sriracha.

The second 1.7oz bottle will make sure that you get through an entire day or, if your nice, share with friends!

Always be prepared for those meals requiring Sriracha!

Where To Buy

Sriracha Mini Keychain Combo Pack
(1.7 Ounce and 1 Ounce, Sauce Not Included)


Sriracha Keychain Gift Pack
9 Ounce Sriracha + 1 Ounce Keychain + 1.7 Ounce Keychain