StairSteady: Stay Safe While Remaining Independent

The StairSteady is perfect for people who have mobility issues, but still want to be independent! It’s designed to let your older family members travel around their home without fear of falling.


The unit is a high-quality fixed handrail and a sliding support rail—it moves easily when it’s pushed, but it locks into place when you apply weight. It gives you a firm support when you travel up and down your stairs, letting you live with peace of mind.


Because the handle is sturdy and secure, you can have both hands in front of you as you climb or descend the stairs. When you reach the top or the bottom of the stairs, you can neatly fold the handle away—out of sight, out of mind.


It’s flexible, and more than one person can use it if you add an extra end piece and handle. Plus, it’s useful for more than just the elderly and the disabled. If you have a long-term condition or are recovering from an injury or treatment, you can use the StairSteady!


The rail can be set at any height, making it easy for anyone to use!


For more information on ordering the StairSteady, contact the company here.


Watch the demo down below!


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