Stak Rack: Paint, Flip, and Stack Your Newly Painted Doors

If you’ve ever tried to paint doors, trim and kitchen cabinets, you’ll find this painting tool would have come in handy.

The Stak Rack is a 4 in 1 painting tool that allows you to paint interior and exterior doors with ease.

Paint Tool

Instead of having with find blocks of wood to place your finished products on, you can use the easy-to-use Stak Rack.

Paint Tool 2

Simply fasten the Stak Rack racking system to the top and bottom of your door with the provided screws.

Paint Tool 3

Then, after the first side of the door is painted, immediately flip it and paint the other side.

Paint Tool 4

The triangular shape of the Rack allows you to easily stack the pieces without risking any accidents with the paint.

Paint Tool 5

Use it for painting rows of trim and stack them on top of each other, saving time and much-needed space.

Paint Tool 6

It features a special trim notch on the side of the rack for drying multiple boards while keeping them separate from each other.

Paint Tool 7

They come in packs of 12, having an ample amount to paint and dry multiple boards at once!

Paint Tool 8

Purchase the Stak Rack and see an increase in production speed and provide the highest quality of paint jobs while you’re at it!

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Watch the demo video down below!


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Stak Rack Painting Tool
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