SteakChamp: Take Guesswork Out of Cooking Perfect Steaks

Have you ever cooked a steak to find you it too raw or cooked?

Wish there was a way to cook the perfect steak every time?

Well, look no further! SteakChamp is here for you!


It’s a steak thermometer that can detect how cooked your steak is inside to get the perfect steak every time.

Built with German Engineering, its color-coded LED light indicates when your meat is ready with extreme precision.

Simply activate the Steak Champ, stick it inside the piece of steak and fire up the grill.

SteakChamp 3

SteakChamp 4

Cook the steak until the LED light starts to flash and take it off when the desired color LED of the steak is achieved.

SteakChamp 5

With the colors green for medium rare, yellow for medium, and red for medium-well, you’ll always get your steak to your personal perfection.

SteakChamp 6

The Steak Champ is a high-grade stainless steel thermometer that surpasses all other thermometers in terms of its superior heat resistance feature.

It can even handle temperatures up to 900 Fahrenheit due to its advanced technology.

SteakChamp 7

Built with an energy-saving battery, the Steak Champ is able to last for more than 10-20 years (based on 1-2 steaks a week).

The SteakChamp thermometer features a convenient cordless design for all your grilling, searing and roasting needs.

SteakChamp 8

Use it on beef, salmon/ tuna steaks, loin of pork, game or lamb or even whole (large) fish, the options for the Steak Champ are endless.

Take the guesswork out of cooking the perfect steaks and enjoy decades of perfect steak with the Steak Champ.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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