StorageMotion: High Tech Luxury Storage for Your Home

Do you want to upgrade your home storage solution in a stylish way? StorageMotion products are perfect for you! They’re designed to use automation for effective and luxurious storage.


The ShoeSelect is an automated carousel with shelves that rotate down to let you see all your choices! The shelves are motor-driven, letting you double your storage space and use the most of your closet.


The WardrobeLift uses a motor to increase your storage space. The rod raises and lowers, letting you reach the clothes on the top of your closet without using a ladder or hurting yourself. With the push of a button, you can reach all your clothes!


The cabinet doors have vertical sliding panels, discreetly hiding and revealing whatever’s in your cupboards. You can get single panel or multi-panel doors, and there are multiple door options for all your needs!


If you need better storage, you need these solutions!


For more information on StorageMotion products, you can check out the company here.


Watch the demo down below!


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