The New York City Subway is a transit system that is used by millions of people annually. With this many people using the subway, you’re bound to see trains packed with people. However, you’ll rarely get to see an act of kindness as beautiful as this one.
Lazaro El Feo, was boarding the NYC subway one night, when he noticed a homeless man aboard. The old man looked cold, sick and is seen shivering. He also had no shirt to keep him warm. That was when Lazaro saw another stranger approach the homeless man.
This passenger decided to bring the homeless man his own white t-shirt and helped him put it on. As the homeless man is being clothed by the kind-hearted stranger, he is left completely speechless and shocked. The stranger then returns to his seat, to only come back moments later and give the homeless man a hat to keep his head warm as well.

Watch the loving stranger’s kind actions below:

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Thanks to this kind-hearted stranger for showing us that there are loving, caring people in this world.