Stray Cat Asks for Food and Shelter, Human Agrees Without Realizing She’s Pregnant

A kind soul offered up food and shelter after a stray cat came up to him asking for help. Little did he know he’d be housing 5 times that amount of cats a few weeks later! After discovering her baby bump, he knew he’d be getting dealt a heavy card with all those kittens but he’s survived, along with the help of his sister. Now nursing the kittens as they grow up, they’re slowly being adopted by family members and friends.

Check out the big family down below and everything their owners have to say about Momma cat and her litter!

In my happy place tonight

People are quite surprised at how good the mother looks, many noticing her eyes and the look she gives the camera in that first picture.

via Eeksy

“She’s the sweetest thing! I hope they have her temperament. I’m trying to give them lots of love when I visit, to get them used to cuddles.” said the sister, who’s planning to bring home one of the litter “as [her] current cat tolerates her.”

Kitten update


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