Anyone who has been woken by your cat crawling over your bed at 4am in the morning – or your dog deciding 5am is the best time to get to those other dogs in the neighbourhood with a howl or two – would attest animals are very different from us in some ways (if you’ve friends who howl at 5am…you need new friends). Yet, it is also true there are ties and bonds that link all living things universally. We all wish to live, we all seek food and shelter; we all show protective instincts for those we live – and we can all feel afraid. Here is one such story of a beautiful Labrador being afraid; and ultimately finding friends who let her know she was now safe.

A scared Golden Retriever was spotted at a train yard, and so afraid by all the loud noises emanating around the yard, she went into hiding once the Hope for Paws team showed up on the scene to rescue her. While she’d been fed by strangers, anyone trying to get close to Clarabelle was unable too; she was afraid. Yet, even when found sitting underneath a parked train car, the Hope for Paws team knew they could still reach her; and rescue her. Even crawling under the train was no deterrent, as the team set about gently bringing Clarabelle into their care; using a dog leash attached to a long pole to secure her safely from afar.

Within this video you will indeed see brief moments of heartache. Seeing this poor pooch’s ashen face, the loneliness in her eyes – and then her reflex reaction to cover her eyes when finally caught; so afraid she would be hurt. Yet, the moments after in which Clarabelle drops her guard for a gentle caress across the brow affirms this is amongst the most amazing footage you’re likely to see in 2015. And it only gets better as her fear in her eyes washes away, knowing she’s safe now; knowing she’s safe with friends. A video that must be watched.