Summer Infant My Bath Seat: The Perfect Seat for Your Baby

Do you have a baby who’s ready to sit up in the bathtub? The Summer Infant My Bath Seat is perfect for you! It’s designed to give your baby hands-free support while you’re bathing them.


When your baby is ready to explore their independence, they’re ready for this seat. It has three sturdy arms for 360 degree support, a high back rest, and a spacious frame—your baby will be secure for the entire bath!


The suction cups on each of the arms will create a sturdy and safe environment, and it’s easy to set up, remove, and store. Place the My Bath Seat in the bath tub, extend and lock the rear arm, then position and lock the side cups!


The high back rest is designed with the ultimate comfort in mind, and you can wash your baby with both hands. You can easily hold the rinse cup to get the clean water you need, and your child can happily play with their bath toys!


If your baby is ready to transition to an adult bath, you need this bath seat!


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Summer Infant My Bath Seat