Summer Infant My Size Potty: Toilet Train Your Kids with a “Real” Toilet

Does your child want to go potty like grown-ups? The Summer Infant My Size Potty is perfect for you! It’s designed to resemble a real toilet with all the benefits of a training toilet.


The realistic design has the feel and appearance of a real toilet, and it even has a handle with a flush sound—it rewards your child when they’re done! The lid can flip up and remove for easy cleaning.


The bowl is easy to wipe down and clean after use, and the built-in wipe compartment helps healthy hygiene habits! It even has a clip on splash guard for boy potty trainers. It’s good for kids 18 months and older, and up to 50 pounds.


You can also use the lid dispenser for storage—if your child likes reading on the toilet, they can store their books in the back! The overall design lets your child know what the potty’s purpose is from day one.


If your child wants to go to the bathroom in their own “real” toilet, this potty is the ideal solution.


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Watch the demo down below!


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Summer Infant My Size Potty
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