Superhero Team Powers Up to Give Injured Tortoise World’s First 3D-Printed Shell

This is Freddy the Tortoise.

He was caught in a bush fire in Brazil. Despite the odds, Freddy survived the ordeal. His shell, unfortunately, did not.

Turtle unpainted

Freddy was almost left naked and exposed to the elements – that is, until a team of superheroes came to his rescue.

Turtle damaged

They call them the Animal Avengers.

Animal Avengers

They may not have actual super powers, but they’re taking their specialized skills and putting them to good use. Made up of four veterinarians, a dental surgeon, and a computer designer, they’re goal is to rescue sick and injured animals, one by one.

Freddy was their first project. Their 3D designer planned out a custom shell based on pictures of Freddy.

Shell gif

Next, their dental surgeon constructed it. It fit perfectly, but there was one thing missing…

Shell construction

Color! The team painted the shell to make it look a little more stylish and a lot more natural.

Turtle fixed

Thanks to their hard work, Freddy is back on his feet. They may not be saving the world, but the work they do is life-saving. It’s good to know that there are superheroes out there keeping an eye on the animal kingdom.


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