Ta-Ta Towels for Boobs Exist Now, and It’s a Woman’s New ‘Breast’ Friend

Women, here’s something you may find interesting (and neat!)

The Ta-Ta towel is a towel for women’s boobs to finally solve the problem of under boob sweat. It wraps around your neck and has two cups at the end which lift and hold the breasts up while keeping them dry.

It’s great at the spa, gym, home and especially great for nursing or pregnant women.

Inventor, Erin Robertson, came up with the idea while she was getting ready for a first date. With a broken A/C unit and a hot, summer sun shining down on her, there was no way for her to keep beads of sweat from dripping down to her stomach.

That’s when it hit her, the Ta-Ta towel is the solution. So, she used a sewing machine to create what she calls, a woman’s “new breast friend”.

While the Ta-Ta towel was meant as a solution for boob sweat, many women around the world are using it for other reasons such as comfort and breastfeeding.

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