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Rowbike: Combine the Fitness of Rowing with On-The-Go Biking

Click here to Buy The Rowbike is a product that combines the fitness of rowing with the on-the-go excitement of biking outdoors. It gets you where you want to be – uphill, downhill or turns. It has both front and rear brakes when you need to stop and a sliding seat to adjust for whoever decides to ride the Rowbike. Industry experts also found that by using the Rowbike you can lose 50% more calories than if you were biking regularly – making it a great fitness tool. The Rowbike also comes in a 4-wheel model that’s perfect for...

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Polar Seal Heated Tops: Superlight, Smart Tops That Give You Warmth at the Touch of a Button

Available here The Polar Seal heated smart tops are superlight tops that provide you heat at the touch of a button, while maintaining comfort for whatever activity you may be doing. Designed to be super lightweight, flexible and breathable, the Polar Seal is a comfortable garment that also provides you heat for up to 8 hours! It provides heat through a heating element that heats your lower back and upper back. You can alternate between heating simply one zone or both at the same time. It only requires 10 seconds for the Polar Seal Heated Top to power up...

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