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Frightened Bear Cub Wanders onto Highway with Head Stuck in Can

Black bears are big scary animals…usually. But sometimes, you get yourself in a situation where you have no choice to rely on the kindness of strangers. This black bear cub found itself in that kind of situation. Driving down the road in Alaska, two strangers happened upon a frightened black bear with a large tin container stuck on their head. With the help of the Alaska Fish and Game office, the two men were able to get the bear the help it needed. Once the bear was successfully tranquilized, the tin was removed and the bear was transported back...

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This Man Filmed A Most Unusual Sight In The Harbor

When enjoying life or a pleasant vacation on the Pacific coast of North America, it’s pretty safe to say that you can expect to see the odd humpback or gray whale from time to time. While most of the time this happens at a distance, every so often these impressive and majestic creatures can get just a little too close for comfort. Cy Williams now knows this very well. Cy is a fishing guide in Ketchikan, Alaska and he started the day being witness to a most rare and unusual sight at the Knudson Cove Marina. We have never...

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Fundraiser Reunites A Soldier And His Dog

Back in 2014, Army Specialist Henry Alvarado was notified that he being re-stationed to a base in Alaska. While he was preparing to move from his home in Los Angeles, his dog Dukey was struck by a car but survived the incident. However, Henry couldn’t afford the surgery. Dukey couldn’t fly before getting surgery and resting. Being under orders, Henry had no choice but to relocate to Alaska without his faithful companion. Thankfully, the internet and good people exist in this world. Coming together to raise funds for Dukey’s surgery, they soon got the dog healthy and on his...

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Moose Duke It Out In A Family's Driveway

We can only assume that things like this occur somewhat regularly in Alaska, since the locals keep watching and filming as if two gargantuan creatures aren’t fighting mere feet away. Apparently it’s rut season, which is when bull moose compete and fight with each other for breeding rights. Being in the right place at the right time, local man Bill Tyra filmed an encounter from just ten feet away. While certainly a scary ordeal (for any who aren’t Alaskans anyway), it was a match up to remember. After all, it’s not every day that you get front row seats...

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