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Drop Shot: The Drinking Game That Brings Fun and Suspense

Available here Do you want the be the life of your holiday party? The Drop Shot is perfect for you! It’s designed to bring a fun new element to standard drinking games. This game combines suspense, fun, and of course alcohol in one nifty gadget. If you love the classic pie in the face game, you’ll love this fun party twist at your next get together with friends and family. Playing the game is easy: roll the dice to determine how many times you twist the knob, and if you lose the game, you have to do the shot!...

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Pico U: Brew Anything You Want with One Machine

Available here If you love creating custom drinks in the comfort of your own home, the Pico U is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you create and brew virtually any drink, all in one appliance. This machine can make anything, from your morning coffee or tea to a pint of craft beer to end your day. It has a full-sized step filter and a five liter brew keg, letting you create your own, personalized craft beer. It also has a pour-over basket, helping you brew the perfect cup of coffee. Simply use your own fresh grounds, then...

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Gik Wine: Uniquely Made Blue Wine Is Made Naturally from Grapes

After a long day at work, a glass of wine can be a good way to unwind and relax. But, why settle for for the plain old red and white wine all the time? That’s why Gik created a new, unique, fun type of wine: a blue wine. Made from grapes coming from various Spanish and French vineyards, Gik Blue Wine is created naturally using the grapes themselves. The mixture of white and red grapes is added to two organic pigments: indigo and anthocyanin (both derived from the very skin of the grapes themselves). And if you’re still not...

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BlendBow: Prepare 300 Different Cocktails in Just 30 Seconds

The BlendBow cocktail machines are perfect for the restaurant owner in your life! It’s designed to prepare 300 different kinds of beverages in just seconds. With its touch-screen display, you can select a custom beverage in just two clicks! The machines have 100 pre-installed drink recipes already built in, and you can use the corresponding app to customize those drinks or create your own! They perfectly measure everything you need for the best cocktail—they even store fresh ingredients like limes and mint! It’s currently reserved for professional use only, making it ideal for business owners who want to make...

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Ohio Woodworking Shop: Dispense Your Drinks From Real Wood

Click here to Buy This wine dispenser is perfect for outdoorsy person who loves a good drink! It’s made from real wood, yet pours out your drinks easily and smoothly. The Ohio Woodworking Shop hand-makes every dispenser individually—no two logs are alike. Each dispenser comes with a black metal handle and a wooden handle—choose the one that best suits your style! The wine is held in food and drink safe material, and is poured into your glass through a brass spout. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Log Liquor Dispenser $119 Buy now Log...

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