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Earhoox for Earpods: Keep Those Loose Earphones in

Available here Perfect for those who hate having their earbuds always falling out, this piece of plastic will fit over your loose earbuds for a tight and secure fit. The Earhoox are tailored to fit comfortably in your ear and the slick anti-slip shark-fin design molds to the grooves of your ear. It allows for the ultimate Earpod experience and ensures the performance of your earbuds are the way they were supposed to be. They are fully adaptable and the flexible silicone earbud attachments are able to fit onto just about any type of earbud. Each set comes with...

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School Teacher Uses Apples to Teach Her Kids About Bullying Each Other

Kids these days can be so mean to each other—especially with the Internet and cyber bullying. Because it’s so difficult to police, teachers are having a hard time teaching kids about respect. Graciela Moreno, a reporter in Fresno, California, shared a story about how one teacher used two apples to show her students the real price of bullying. Read the story below: Yesterday, we were working on a story about a 9-year old boy being bullied at school for using a My Little Pony… Posted by Graciela Moreno Abc30 on Thursday, March 20, 2014 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down...

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