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PanWaffle: Make a Fluffy Pancake and a Crispy Waffle at the Same Time

Available here The great breakfast debate is over! You no longer have to choose between pancakes and waffles. The PanWaffle lets you make both a fluffy pancake AND crispy waffle in one. The pan is engineered for even heat distribution providing a perfect cooking experience. The convenient stay-cool handles keep your hands safe while cooking. Available Here. Watch the demo video down below:   Advertisement Where To Buy PanWaffle $39.95+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Prepworks Garliq Garlic Cuber: Instantly Mince Garlic into Tiny, Perfect Cubes

Available here The Garliq cuber is perfect for the garlic lover in your life! It lets you dice whole cloves into small cubes in seconds. It can hold multiple cloves at a time, and thanks to its unique design, can be operated with only one hand. Mince directly into a pan or over food with only a few squeezes, and reload in seconds. It also comes with a convenient comb for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Available Here. Watch the demo video down below: Advertisement Where To Buy Prepworks by Progressive Garliq Garlic Cuber $19.99+ Buy now Comments Facebook...

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10 Cool Kitchen Appliances to Help You Cook Easier and Faster

In the kitchen, there’s always some appliances that could do tasks more effectively and efficiently. While some of you may need them to cook or do things quicker and easier, others may just want them because they are cool. Here are 10 cool kitchen appliances by Dash that will help you cook things easier and faster: 1. Double Up Skillet + Oven The Double Up Skillet + Oven is a skillet and an oven combined into one. Whether you want to make breakfast in the morning or bake a pizza, you can do it all with this. Simply open...

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