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Flying Aquarium Floating Tank: Give Your Fish an Above-Water View

The Flying Aquarium fish observatories are like apartments for your fish! They provide a viewing space for fish above the water line. It’s made of real glass, and the aquarium floats on its own—no need for additional installations! All the accessories you might need are included, and you can reorder them at any time. Your fish can swim in and out of the viewing area of their own free will. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Flying Aquarium Oval 1200 Fish Observatory $316.34 Buy now Flying Aquarium Linear 2500 Fish Observatory $365.01 Buy now...

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MOAI: The Robot That Cleans and Monitors Your Aquarium All at Once

The MOAI is the robot that will bring your aquarium to the next level! It’s designed to clean and film the inside of your tank all at once! You can livestream your aquarium in crisp HD 24 hours a day, seven days a week right from your smartphone! You can control the robot’s positioning and angles from the smartphone app, letting you monitor your aquarium no matter where you are! The MOAI also prevents algae build-up on the glass, keeping your tank and the animals inside clean and healthy. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To...

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