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Drivers Laugh Hilariously At The Terrible Job Done By The Road Markings Painter

These two men were driving on a remote road in Russia when they realized something was off about the road markings.   Vodka might have been the cause of these crazy, crooked lines but who knew a job could be done this bad. At one point in the video, the lines go completely off the road and are just painted on the side!   Whatever the cause of these road markings may be, I strongly recommend you not to drive this road at night.   Check out the ridiculous road markings...

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Use This Dad’s X-Plan To Help Your Kids Get Out Of Trouble In Any Situation

As many parents already know by now, it’s impossible to safeguard your teenage kids from confront a difficult situation they can’t handle on their own.   Whether it be their friends trying to peer pressure them into doing something that’s wrong, or they just ended up at the wrong type of party, it happens.   It’s important as a parent to be there for your child in these times and aid them when possible. But how? Sometimes, you just don’t know when these difficult situations arise. That’s why Bert Fulks, a youth minister and educator at Empty Stone Ministry...

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