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Silly Lion Has a Ball With His Favorite Toy Donut

Lions are known for their ferocity. They aren’t exactly known for being silly or goofy. Well, this one is. Cameron is a lion whose favorite toy is a large yellow donut. Unfortunately, Cameron tore a whole in it, so it had to be retired. For a while, Cameron was left without a toy to play with. A little over a month later, the zoo keepers replaced his favorite foamy toy and Cameron was ecstatic. Below is a highlight reel of Cameron’s adventures with his friend the yellow donut. It’s sure to put a smile on your...

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Unexpected, Deadly Visitor Appears on Family Doorstep

Every once in a while, you go outside in the morning to get the newspaper and almost trip over a skunk. It happens to all of us.   Less frequently, you go outside and find a puma sitting on your doorstep.     Kathy Inman of Heber City, Utah, was just lucky enough to experience the latter.   Seeing what she thought at first was a big dog, Kathy tapped on the glass of her front window, only to then realize that she was dealing with a cougar.   The panther, mostly unfazed by the disturbance to their nap,...

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