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Watch An Entire Bridge In China Be Replaced In Less Than 43 Hours

A lot of us complain about traffic from time to time, but we’ve got nothing on China. China not only has ‘super highways’ of 20 lanes, but they have also had the occasional traffic jam that trapped drivers and commuters for days. Imagine being stuck in traffic for several days. As a result, the Chinese have had to get pretty speedy and innovative when it comes to road infrastructure. Bridges these days can be more or less replaced overnight, but a bridge of this magnitude needs a bit more time. The time-lapse shows the sheer scale of this project...

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Cop Stops A Man From Jumping Off A Bridge And Gives Him A Hug

Anyone who has ever come across a tense scene like someone threatening to jump off a bridge, knows that it’s truly a heart-pounding situation. It’s worth mentioning that while the adage of ‘suicide is a permanent and poor answer to a temporary and passing problem’ may be correct, in the heat of the moment, communicating that to a poor soul in distress can be very, very hard. Thankfully, this happens to be a great story of a police officer who was able to do such a thing; talking a man down from his perilous perch, and being rewarded with...

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