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5 Old Men Take the Stage, but the Judges Are Surprisingly Thrilled

If you’re a kid and your dad decides he wants to show everyone his dance moves, you immediately cringe and regret having ever been brought into this world. But sometimes your dad and even some of his friends can have dance moves good enough to impress judges like Simon Cowell!   Although to be fair, Simon is at first unimpressed. But boy does that change once these dads get going with their routine. Calling themselves ‘Old Men Grooving;, it’s quite clear what they intend to do. For old men, they have some decent dance moves that even get some...

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Running Through The Rain With No Umbrella? One Grandma's Reasoning

Some of the best stories are true stories. There are so many awesome and incredible people from history who still don’t have blockbuster Hollywood movies made about them yet. Perhaps it’s for the best, since they would either be too awesome or make too many people cry.   Sometimes, like in this instance, you reach a happy medium between heartbreaking and heartwarming and it all has to do with a grandmother running through the rain without an umbrella.   The United Kingdom is famous for rain and dreary weather, but it’s a facet of life that most people have...

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Mother-Son Duo Bring Down The House With An Emotional Audition

Supporting one’s child comes in a myriad of ways. There is of course financial support for all the necessities of life and education, but there is also emotional support by simply being there for their big events and moments in life.   One very big moment for any child would be getting up on one of the biggest and most famous international stages, that of Britain’s Got Talent. Singing a lovely and heartfelt cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” this mother and son duo bring down the house. It’s especially incredible once you realize they have only...

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Simon Got Ready to Hit the Red Button, but Had a Big Change of Heart

Simon Cowell is a brutally honest and infamously ruthless British man and talent judge extraordinaire. He will not mince words. If he sees a fault in someone’s voice or performance, he will point it out and will not care about your emotional state.   With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that he was getting ready to hit the buzzer on this little ballet dancer. But good old Simon held off long enough to let this girl begin to sing. And boy, can she sing! Singing the famous “I Could Have Danced All Night” from the...

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British Police Show The World How To Properly Deal With Dementia

In many parts of Britain, the police have quite the positive reputation. They are somewhat famous for never carrying hand guns unless a situation calls for it, and are even more famous for being polite and having very unique helmets. Today, we’re making special mention of the West Yorkshire Police and their exceptionally kind and generous handling of an elderly lady with Dementia. Here’s the heartwarming story according to the fine folks at ‘Love What Matters’.   via Love What...

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