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A Cupcake Mold for Baking Truly 3D Cat-Shaped Cupcakes

Available here Surprise any baker/cat lover in your life with this very unique gift! These mini molds let you bake 3D cat-shaped cupcakes with ease. They are specifically designed so that the cat shape easily comes out of the mold intact every time. With just a little non stick spray the cake comes out in one piece ever time. No fuss no mes! They are made of 100% food-grade silicone, and can be baked or frozen hundreds of time. Perfect gift for cat lovers! Available Here. Advertisement Where To Buy Mini Cat-Shaped Cake Molds (4-pack) $18.86+ Buy now Comments...

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Kleva Bake Snake: Make Cakes in Any Shape Quickly and Easily

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into the creative side of your baking, look no further than this ribbon! You can create 50 shapes, numbers, letters or go wild in your own imagination. Simply line your tray with tin foil and pour your batter inside the ribbon. It’s spill proof, so your mix won’t leak out the bottom. It’s usable in gas or electric ovens and can handle temperatures up to 450 F. When your masterpiece is done, the cake mold peels away and can be washed in the dishwasher. Each set comes with 4 pieces about 8 inches...

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Magisso Cake Server: Squeeze Out the Perfect Slice Every Time

Click here to Buy The Magisso cake server is a unique, beautiful way to present your desserts! This server keeps your dessert perfectly formed as you cut it out. It cuts each slice perfectly uniform—no more complaining about someone getting a bigger slice! It’s designed to cut and serve your dessert in one step, cutting the hosting time in half! Press the server through your dessert, squeeze gently, then lift the piece onto the plate! Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Magisso Cake Server $23.99 Buy now via Magisso Comments Facebook Twitter...

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