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Easy Recipe For Oreo-Red Velvet Poke Cake

Who doesn’t love Oreos and red velvet cake? Truthfully, probably a lot of people but this is definitely a recipe for those who enjoy such things. At the very least, we can all agree that sweet things and desserts are some life’s little pleasures, especially when they’re delicious and easy. This handy little recipes will help you create a delectable Oreo and red velvet poke cake. Needing only a handful of tasty ingredients and kitchen tools, you can enjoy a great and beautiful dessert that won’t break your back or your wallet. All you need as extra is an...

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How To Decorate A Wedding Cake In Just 3 Minutes

Wedding cakes are famous for being beautiful and often creative. Widely known to take hours at a time to bake (let alone decorate), the mastery upon which these modern day marvels of cuisine are made are a serious study and cost a pretty penny no matter the size or detail. Yet for those that wish to learn how to make one of these cakes in an easier way, these people offer an insight into how wedding cakes are decorated. The baking may still take hours, but now the decorating can be done in as little as 5 minutes (for...

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The King Of Cake Geometry

A man in his shed is an Edison in the making, and may as well be the king of cake geometry. This modern day boss of baking brings us a great DIY kitchen utensil; a hexagon cake knife. For those folks who find themselves often cutting up cakes yet unable to do so in a way that both maintains a nice aesthetic and appearance, this video will help you transform into a baking king or queen. Blow away your guests the next time cake is served at your house. Gone are the days you’ll be awkwardly navigating a butter...

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How To Make The Perfect Pineapple Upside Down Cake Using A Mug

This is for those of you who love cake no matter the flavour or ingredients. For starters, there is pineapple involved. Those who would spend all day gladly munching away at this massive and delicious tropical fruit will find themselves eager to try this simple recipe. What’s more, those who love a good upside down cake shall feel like Christmas came incredibly early with this cool looking little treat. Furthermore, the size bears mentioning. This is perhaps best of all; with it being able to fit in a mug, it is both a slightly healthier option and also an...

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This Pizza Cake Will Be A Piece Of Cake

This is something we’ve all been waiting for. Here we have a pizza that looks like a really well cooked pizza, until closer inspection reveals it’s actually a cake. You’d think it ends there, but no. Alongside the nifty creation is a very informative tutorial on how to make it. This pizza cake will be a piece of cake! The prayers of mischief makers are being answered everywhere. The prayers of those of us who love pizza and cake are being answered everywhere.With this video, you now have a chance to kick off years of mild pranks with family...

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