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These Are What Newborn Cheetahs Look And Sound Like After A C-Section

Life is a miracle of nature, but sometimes nature needs a human hand every so often. Down at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, they run an impressive cheetah program that involves conservation and breeding. Normally, breeding goes along about as fine as you could expect, but this time a mother cheetah needed to have a c-section in order to have the best outcome for both her and her cubs. It took a true team effort to help deliver the cubs, with nearly everyone being on hand to deliver these adorable babies. However, as the short documentary shows, there...

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Rejected Cheetah Cub Becomes Best Friends With A Puppy

Captive cheetahs are often nervous and are in need of constant socialization and companionship. As a result, captives cheetahs are increasingly being paired with dogs almost as therapeutic animals and the results are almost impossibly adorable. Many dogs and cheetahs around the world are now becoming the best of friends. This newborn cheetah cub was rejected by his mother in the wild. Even worse, he was the only cub. As a result, he was paired with another newborn; Raina, a 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy. The idea is that the cheetah and Raina will love together 24 hours a day...

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How My Pet Cheetah Helped Me Fight Cancer

Fighting cancer is one of the most daunting challenges a person can face, both physically and mentally. Love and support from family and friends is always important. Even pets can be of great help in the fight, especially if your pet happens to be a cheetah that you’ve hand raised since birth. South African Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen has always loved cheetahs since she was a little girl, but it was one cheetah in particular that helped her during her struggle with breast cancer. She bought Fiela the cheetah back in 2006, and the two have been almost inseparable ever...

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