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Dito Sama Multipurpose Peelers: Brush, Wash, and Peel Vegetables with the Push of a Button

The Dito Sama Multipurpose Peeler is perfect for the restaurant owner in your life! It’s designed to peel, wash, and brush your vegetables with the press of a button. It can prepare ingredients for 50 to 200 meals per service! The abrasive plate gives you a high-quality finish to your peeled vegetables. The timer with a countdown display lets you know exactly how much time it has left to peel your food. The clear lid lets you see what’s happening inside. Available here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Dito Sama Multipurpose Vegetable Peeler10 kg...

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Frankfurter Brett Chopping Board: Save Space and Time

Perfect for the chef who has little space to work with, this cutting board maximizes the space around you for a clean and usable workstation. Frankfurter Brett is the company behind the cutting board that innovatively designed it to include attachable containers to the board, nearly doubling the available working area. By extending the steel brackets on the board, you can place multiple containers to hold waste or even ready to use cut up ingredients. Efficiently dividing space among the workable area is the reasoning behind the design of the board where they tried to make the process as...

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