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Man Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Country Artist Blake Shelton After Suffering Life Threatening Injuries

Jonathan Daniels and his girlfriend Lindsay are huge country fans. And so it was no surprise that when Lindsay’s 23rd birthday was approaching, Jonathan wanted to surprise her with a pair of tickets to Blake Shelton’s concert in Brooklyn, New York on October 8. Lindsay is a huge Blake Shelton fan. via Facebook   Jonathan was able to purchase the tickets for Lindsay’s birthday on September 14th, but their hopes to attend the concert were tragically shattered the following day. Jonathan was riding his motorcycle with his friends when a car abruptly pulled out in front of them. This...

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Watch Freddie Mercury Live at the Montreal Forum, November 1981

Freddie Mercury had an amazing stage presence. His physicality and high energy could only be topped by the power and beauty of his voice.   Few performances capture Freddie’s spirit like the ones at the Montreal Forum November 24th and 25th, 1981. These are well known because they were the subject of both a concert film and a live album, but mostly they’re adored because they depict Queen at their finest.   If he were still with us, Freddie Mercury would be 70 today. Let’s all take a moment to remember the amazing talent that we lost 25 years...

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Bruce Springsteen Has A Great Concert, But Watch Who Joins Him Onstage

Bruce Springsteen is a classic rock and roll act and he’s been doing his absolute best to put on stunning shows brimming with energy and talent for audiences around the world. He’s been doing this since the 1970s and many of his concerts last more than three hours. And if that weren’t incredible enough, he’s always aspiring to bring a bit of unique flair to his shows but this one was very special, especially since Mother’s Day just passed. Bruce is onstage at Olympic Park in London, England and is putting on an incredible show like always. The crowd...

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