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Boy Buys Cop His Breakfast to Thank Him for All the Work He Does

It’s not an easy time to be a cop—with all the bad news surrounding law enforcement, police officers have to watch their backs more carefully. But sometimes they run into people who appreciate them for the thankless work they do, as Donnie Jackson did not too long ago. Read the full story down below. We had to share this post from Deputy Jackson. With so much negative attention around law enforcement, we were so happy… Posted by Broward Sheriff's Office on Saturday, 12 September 2015 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down 2 Beers in Less Than 2 Seconds Perfect for...

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Alabama State Trooper Goes Above and Beyond to Help a Family in Need

It’s a situation no parent wants to be in: you’re driving down a busy interstate with small kids and your car breaks down. Autumn Snyder was in this exact situation not too long ago. She called the Alabama State Trooper for help and just expected them to divert traffic. But little did she know the troopers would go above and beyond to help this family out. Read the full story down below. Want a feel good story? Yesterday on our way home, we broke down 2 hours away from home… on a busy interstate with… Posted by Autumn Snyder...

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Traffic Cop Sends Woman A Condolence Card After Her Father Passes Away

Losing a loved one is probably the toughest thing one can experience. It’s even worse if you happen to get pulled over by the cops shortly after. Gina Penny-Headen had just lost her father when she got a speeding ticket. When the officer realized what was happening in her life, he made a gallant act. via Gina Penny-Headen The buck didn’t stop there. Shortly after her encounter with the kind officer, she received something in the mail. Here is her story: via Gina Penny-Headen via Gina Penny-Headen Last week I was pulled over for going 65 in a 55....

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This Is the Fascinating Reason Why Cops Tap Your Taillight When They Pull You Over

Have you ever been nervous after a police officer pulls you over? You definitely aren’t alone. Even if you know you didn’t do anything wrong, we can’t help feeling antsy when those sirens come on.   But it turns out the person being pulled over isn’t the only one who’s a little nervous.   Back in the days before police car cameras were relatively inexpensive, police officers needed a way to leave forensic evidence on the car in case they “went missing.”   This is when the taillight tap became popular. When a police officer taps your taillight, they...

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