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Mom Discovers How Her Husband Hilariously Takes Care Of The Kids

It takes practice for men to dance, but it takes a real man to dance in a silly way along with his daughter to Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’ And let’s not forget the little baby in the corner eager to participate. It’s one of those things that are rather simple but bring you a bit of joy and a smile to your face. While the father may not have all the moves (we miss you, Michael Jackson), he certainly has a few and you can’t deny his intense passion. If this is how Mom found out how Dad watches the...

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This Dancing Man Will 'Cha-Cha Slide' Into Your Heart

You have to love this guy. Here is doing more damage to the ‘white guys can’t dance’ stereotype than the Trojan Horse did to Troy. Were there ever a video that turned a form of the cha cha into a weaponized form of social interaction; this guy’s legs are certified torpedoes. What’s more, not only is his dance so outstanding but the evolution of the crowd as the video progresses. Going from starting up a song with a swing of the hips, before too long he’s cleared a place on the dance floor for him and his dance partners....

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For Her 90th Birthday, She Wows The Audience With Her Dance Moves

Tell you what, head on down to the trendy district of your city, or whatever the local nightlife hotspot is. Line on up to the hottest club you know and have a look down the line to see if there’s anyone looking around with a steely gaze and some stylish kicks. If you spot a demure-looking and elderly lady seemingly out of place, odds are not bad that it will be Jean Phelps Veloz. This woman has definitely got some moves. She’s got some swing, some flair, and just a little bit of panache. She’s also 90 years old....

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Slovakian Girl Takes Bike Riding To The Next Level

We all know that one kid at the skatepark that can do some sweet tricks on his bmx bike. Whether it’s a huge bunny hop, 360 tabletop, or perhaps some risky flatland tricks putting their ankles at risk to showcase some of the most brilliant tricks, it takes a fair amount of practice and talent. Here, we see the same sort of skills; but used in a very different, eclectic, and elegant way. Behold, a gorgeous and evocative performance of ‘bike art’ set to a soft melody of strings. Certainly, from skatepark to stage — in this case what...

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