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Two Talented Couples Show Off Their “Boogie-Woogie” Dancing Skills To The Crowd

Dancing styles like the classic “Boogie” or “Boogie-Woogie” from the 1950s are similar to forms of lost art. However, these four skilled dancers are here today to bring it back. One special audience got the performance of a lifetime when the four dancers performed an impromptu routine for them. One of the audience members who got to witness the performance live, was a man named Sam McKee. As soon as Sam got home, he shared the video of these four dancers to the world on his Facebook page. He even went lengths to say, “Boogie is fun! If this...

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Dogs Charm The Audience By Dancing To “Singing In The Rain” At UK’s Largest Dog Show

As if man’s best friend wasn’t smart enough, watching them in perfect synchronization with their handlers is an even more amazing to watch.   Every year, expert dog handlers attend Crufts, the largest dog show in the UK, to entertain the audience with “dog dancing”.   One of the competitors, Mary Ray, is considered to be the “Godmother of Heelwork to Music” and her performances with her dogs are always highly anticipated by the crowd.   For her 2017 appearance, she and her dogs did a performance to “Singing In The Rain” and it blew the crowd away.  ...

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Girl Refuses To Do Tap Dancing Routine, Makes Up Her Own That Has Viewers Cracking Up

If you’ve ever been to a dance recital before, you’ll vouch for me by saying that the performances are usually professional and elegant with dancers knowing exactly what routine they are performing.   For this little girl in the video, she decided to put a new twist on this dance performance. Instead of following her peer and their tap dancing routines, she decides to go into a more freestyle routine!   Although she took instructions from her instructor, this young little star decided that she wanted to put on her own show. And the funny thing is, the audience...

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Man Sets Up Camera, His Dance Moves Leave Everyone Stunned

Amazing dancers pop up on YouTube every day, but you probably haven’t seen anything quite like this.   YouTuber JustSomeMotion has perfected his craft over many years of dancing. Because he’s mastered so many styles of dance, he can combine them to create his own unique style.   His dancing blends traditional and modern moves in a way you’ve never seen them before, and you’ll have a hard time forgetting the performance after the video ends.   Watch the full performance in the video down...

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